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ClassMetric – – Peter Reinhardt, Ilya Volodarsky, Calvin-French-Owen, Michael Ellison
Improving education and making professors happy: a classroom feedback and discussion system.

Sidaza – Colin Sidoti
Group text and photo messaging on any phone.

Ethertunes – – Ilya Volodarsky, Peter Reinhardt
The social, collaborative playlist. Send the playlist link to your friends, and build the best playlist together.

TextListen – – Ilya Volodarsky
Text an artist and song, get a call playing the song.

TextLang – – Ilya Volodarsky
Text a phrase in one language and the name of a second language, get a call reading you the phrase in the second language.

Anonymerit – Colin Sidoti and Braden Sidoti
Anonymerit means no authoritative bias. Anonymerit means safety from persecution. If it’s of value, it wins.