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The Incubomber

The mission of the Incubomber is to facilitate and promote omnipresent entrepreneurship on MIT’s campus.

Entrepreneurship exists around MIT, but it doesn’t run out and bite your kneecaps off unless you go mucking around. Every MIT student has a couple ideas, why don’t they start companies to develop them? Right now?

At the Incubomber, we’re focused on building an awesome environment for creative people to experiment and build stuff. You can call it a hackerspace, an incubator, or whatever you like. The point is, today is game day, and your idea from last week is awesome. So shoot us an email and head over to the Incubomber. We’re here all day. Every day.


The entryway:

Coding frenzy:

And one last deskspace…yea that’s a closet:

For when we get hungry: